Why Manners? Why Me?

Maralee MckeeHello! Thank you for visiting this website. I’m honored you’re here.

I’m Maralee McKee, the Manners Mentor, and I’m passionate about equipping people with simple, savvy, sincere skills so they can become the best version of themselves. My style of writing is like me—relaxed and relational. It’s my hope that when you read my writing, you’ll feel as if you’re spending time with a friend as we seek to honor Christ together.

My passion for fine-tuning, updating, and sharing modern manners began years ago with my own feeling of lack. I grew up in a broken home—alone and afraid and under difficult circumstances. I felt uncomfortable—even unworthy—around others.

I never imagined that my greatest weakness (self-consciousness) would one day be erased and that my life purpose would become helping others as the Manners Mentor. (God is full of wonderful surprises for His children!)

Manners comes from the Greek word for hand, which leads to the word handle. The purpose of manners is to give us a heads-up for how to handle people and situations. I’ll bet you’re like me: you feel so much better when you’re confident about the best thing to say and do and how to show yourself in the best possible light. That’s the gift of manners.

In my writing, you won’t find pretense, fluff, or rules just for the sake of rules. I’ve embraced the grace and timeless wisdom of our grandmothers’ etiquette, but taken out any pomp, exclusion of others, or pretense. I’ve replaced them with the modern how-to of being kind, considerate, and gracious, and added how to set and maintain boundaries for our children that are needed and healthy, especially in today’s raw, “me-first” culture.

Setting and defining the standards of Christ-honoring personal interactions for this generation is my goal, honor, and calling. In my new book,  Manners That Matter for Moms, you’ll find manners with heart—not haughtiness. This book is designed to be a reference you’ll use again and again—from birth through high school.The purpose of this book is to help you raise children who are well-liked, secure, and kind. Their manners are the same when you’re with them and when you’re not because their manners spring from their heart and character, not from a list of rules.

Getting to Know Me

Maralee McKee's FamilyI’m a native and life-long resident of Orlando. My husband and I have two sons whom we think are pretty amazing—Marc, who is 15, and Corbett, who is is 9. They give me lots of practice in instilling manners, and they keep me humble! I love spending time with my sons, and I can’t believe how the years are going by at hyper-speed. I cherish every moment with them—the simple and the sublime.

We have a Sheltie, and a cat who thinks her job in life is to make us her personal servants (a job we’ve taken to nicely).

I adore chick flicks. My all-time favorite is Steel Magnolias. I cry every time.

Laundry is my downfall in life.  I actually bought everyone in the family more socks and underwear so I could go longer without doing laundry.

I’m addicted to sweet tea and Starbucks frappacino, and I eat three Hershey’s dark chocolate nuggets with almonds every night before bed.

I’m a horrible Scrabble player, and I admit to the bad habit of chewing on small ice cubes when no one is around.

I love public speaking even though I’m an introvert.

On my bucket list is a trip to Paris, going to the Kentucky Derby (I want to wear one of those beautiful hats), being invited to the White House, learning to speak French without a trace of my Southern accent sneaking in, seeing the Grand Canyon, living long enough to celebrate my sixtieth wedding anniversary with my husband, living on a farm for a month (or maybe just a week), and raising my boys to become men who seek the face of God in all they do.

I have to admit to one pet peeve about personal etiquette: It’s people talking on their cell phones in the stalls of public bathrooms. (Really—in the bathroom—while you’re actually doing what you are meant to do in a bathroom. How important is that phone call? Can’t one or the other wait until one of them is completed?)

5 Things About Maralee

  1. Maralee and her husband were engaged just 21 days after being introduced. They have been married for 19 years.
  2. Maralee fights daily battles against panic attacks and agoraphobia (fear of being in large open places like malls, restaurants, theme parks, and such where it is hard to escape). However, this doesn’t stop her from captivating audiences or from doing the work God has set out for her to do.
  3. Maralee is an excellent Southern cook. If she weren’t the Manners Mentor she would probably own a catering business. However, she can’t frost a decent-looking cake to save her life.
  4. Savannah is hands-down Maralee’s favorite city in the world. She and her husband spend as much time there as possible. She loves the architecture, and the blend of old elegance with the modern eclectic vibe of the city.
  5. One time while she was on a plane waiting for takeoff, she felt that she should change her seat. She ended up being reseated next to a TV producer and landed a recurring role as the Manners Mentor on a national morning TV show.

Maralee’s Approach

With her best-friend style, at-ease approach, and insights into how to interact in any situation, Maralee mentors people with the skills they need to enhance the ways others perceive, interact, and respond to them or the brand, service, or mission they represent.

A sought-after expert in all areas of modern manners (social, youth, business, and family), Maralee provides the step-by-step skills that will enable you to shine in your encounters—from crucial meetings, to writing a simple email, visiting friends, or teaching your children the social skills they’ll need to thrive on their own one day. You’ll learn these skills in an easy-to-understand approach that’s relevant for today.

Founder of Manners Mentor, Inc.

Since founding Manners Mentor, Inc., in 1998, Maralee has traveled nationally presenting contemporary programs and seminars for corporations, executives, churches, ministries, universities, and woman’s groups. She is a popular speaker at women’s retreats and mom groups.

Her professional clients include Hyatt, Chick-fil-A, State Farm, Campus Crusade, Paychecks, Inc., and AT&T, plus churches of all sizes. Each program is custom-designed by Maralee to meet needs and touch hearts in the audience so real change can occur.

For more information about having Maralee speak at your event, fill out the form on the Contact Page or contact:

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