Dining Skills

Dining SkillsThe way we eat in public is an outward expression of our sensitivity to the comfort and enjoyment of those around us. In this concise guide for adults, Impressive Dining Skills for Every Meal booklet you’ll find all you need to finesse any meal (even the most formal) with ease, savvy, and confidence. Now you can concentrate on enjoying the conversation at your table instead of wondering if you’re accidently eating your neighbors roll!

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Fairly Formal Place Setting

Dining Skills

Download this free PDF (1.78 MB)

Print out and laminate this table setting guide and you’ll never be at a loss for how to set the table again. Great to store away and pull out whenever you need it.

Family Place Setting

Family Place Setting

Print out and laminate this Family Place Setting for one or everyone. Use it nightly until your children know how to set place settings with ease and then bring it out anytime a refresher is needed.

Download this free PDF (1.78 MB)

A Gift Just For You!

Manners Matter Here Magnet

Get this beautiful 2.5′” x 2.5″ magnet.

Show everyone you understand the value of manners with this lovely magnet. It’s perfect on your refrigerator as a family reminder of your intention to be Ambassadors for Christ.

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Test Your Mom Manners IQ

I’ve always thought that the quizzes in popular woman’s magazine were fun. They’re often the first thing I turn to when a new magazine arrives in the mail. If you’re like me, you’ll enjoy testing your Mom Manners IQ!

Below is one question from each etiquette chapter of Manners That Matter for Moms. It will give you a glimpse of the lifetime skills you’ll discover on the pages of the book. Take the quiz and then score your responses with the answers listed below.

Some of the answers might leave you shaking your head and wondering “What?” Not to worry, you’ll discover the practical and kind “why” of each one as you read the book.