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The Debut Book From America's Manners Mentor
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Manners That Matter For Moms


  • Children should exit the womb holding a copy of this book!

    By C. Jordan “sp”
    Cookbook author, blogger, and TV co-host of Beat the Chefs on GSN.

    I wrote the forward for this wonderful book so I want to tell you that in the interest of full disclosure but I also want to tell you WHY I wrote the forward to this wonderful book.

    FINALLY! A resource for all of the questions we’ve had to muddle through and figure out on our own.
    FINALLY, a gentle voice of kindness and reason that can tell us “Hey, I’ve been there. Here is what worked for me and why it will work for you, too.”
    Being a parent means facing a series of escalating challenges in raising children, the ante gets upped every year older they get as we try to raise them to be gracious, kind, and intelligent adults. This book has more solutions to parenting problems than all of the parenting books I’ve ever read, combined!
    I took it to a church event that I arrived early at. I sat reading it, waiting on everyone to arrive, and another mother leaned in to see what I was reading and so I handed it to her. We got into a conversation about the challenges of parenting and question after question came up I’d say “Well, I think Maralee probably talks about that, lets see..” One after one we were able to find each topic we discussed and Maralee addressed them simply with wisdom that just flat out made sense!

    This is a manners book but it is also a guide for any parent who wants to equip their child for success, love, and happiness in their adult life. Children really should exit the womb holding a copy of this book!

  • A must have book on manners!

    By Mimi

    Maralee McKee has written a book for any and every adult who has children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews! Just an amazingly simple, straightforward book on manners that everyone should learn and use everyday. She has so many wonderful suggestions you’ll use them all and wonder why you’d never thought of them yourself. This would make a most wonderful gift book for teachers. Thumbs up to Maralee McKee!

  • Entertaining and warm-hearted

    By Deborah Poulalion

    This is the most practical, entertaining, warm-hearted, and inspiring book about gracious living you will ever read. Author Maralee McKee shows how thoughtful manners bring out the best in all of us. Enjoy!

  • Even better than expected!

    By Angela R. H.

    I’ve followed Maralee Mckee on her blog for several years, so I knew her book would be good… but I didn’t know it would be THIS GOOD! The book will teach you things you didn’t realize you were missing, and it will make you laugh and feel connected at the same time. The author is a mom herself, and the book is not pretentious, stuffy or preachy… it’s more about sharing experiences that you can relate to.

    She’s the first to admit that she’s not perfect and her kids aren’t perfect, but she has spent years of her life with this personal ministry in mind; gathering and developing information and stories relating to manners and etiquette for today’s modern world. She knows her stuff! I promise you’ll enjoy this book and you’ll refer to it from time to time for years to come.

    Whether you’re a new mom, have children in college or are a grandma, this book will be extremely relative. I think dads would enjoy it too, along with teachers or anyone who works in the child care industry.

  • Our go-to book on manners!

    By nance2mc

    Maralee McKee’s writing is fresh, upbeat, warm, and relevant. Manners that Matter for Moms is so timely for this generation – to give them the proper communication and life skills to function as confident members of our society. In our house with an infant, we are raising him with the phrase “start as you mean to go” in the forefront of our minds. Reading this book when he is still young gives us the opportunity to “start as you mean to go” with manners too! We want our son to be a gentleman as he grows and this book gives us the skills needed as parents to teach him to be just that. This will be our go-to book on manners for years to come!

  • Fabulous Book!

    By rme1107

    Great book and beautifully written. It’s an easily understandable read that will help guide parents in teaching their children as well as themselves invaluable life skills in the way of manners, and etiquette. Manners as taught by Maralee in the book are a sweet tangible example of God’s sweet grace to others. It’s a great reference tool to keep on hand for when that awkward situation arises, and you need a “graceful” way to handle things….
    Makes a wonderful gift,,especially for expectant moms or grandmothers…It’s my new fabulous favorite gift to give at baby showers……
    ENJOY IT!!! Mary E..

  • Excellent Guide For Parents

    By Gail

    Maralee McKee has put together an excellent resource for anyone who is helping to raise a child. She gives timely and excellent advice about how to handle the many challenges that families face today. I highly recommend this book as a manual to be referred to again and again. It’s a handy guide that gives practical support for helping children to grow in a positive direction.

  • A must read for all of us!

    By Victoria Gainey

    MANNERS THAT MATTER FOR MOMS is a must read! As a mom, I’m inspired to get going! It is written ‘for moms’, but honestly any adult would benefit from reading this book. Maralee writes so thoughtfully from her heart. She inspires us with vision and gives us tools to walk out sincere and gracious manners in our families. A wonderful book!

  • Warm and Witty – A Must Read!

    By StylishinFlorida

    As the mom of two young girls, this is a subject that really resonates with me. I expected to like this book; what I didn’t expect is that I wouldn’t be able to put it down. McKee’s voice is warm, friendly, and approachable. Her modern approach to manners mentoring is less about rules and more about relationships, and about how we as parents can model the Christ-like qualities of kindness, patience and respect to our children. She offers simple, practical solutions for gently guiding our kids to be considerate and well-mannered. I love her practical, down-to-earth suggestions on everything from dining skills to being a gracious guest, conversation to compliments. I was especially impressed with the chapters on “Making a Five Star First Impression” and “Wonder Words and the Wonders They Work.” Manners that Matter for Moms has earned a permanent place on my nightstand, and will be a reference and resource for me for years to come!

  • A must-have for moms with children of all ages!

    By Giselle

    This book has allowed me to know how to give my children the confidence they need to put their best foot forward in life while making others feel welcomed and accepted. I have always dreamed of teaching my children how to be hospitable but I certainly did not know where to start. This book has helped me gain some easy to follow tips that just make me a better parent.

  • Great resource, great book!

    By JoAnn Walsh

    I loved this book. I’ve read several books on how to teach your children specific life skills over the years. This is the best by far. I intend to buy several copies to give as gifts this year. Not only to the young Mothers in my life but to Dads and grandparents as well. Anyone who has a part in raising a child will benefit from this book. I highly recommend Manners That Matter for Moms. Get a copy, make a cup of tea, sit back and enjoy!

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