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Manners That Matter For Moms
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The Book

Your Kids Can Become the Best Version of Themselves

If you want your children to shine today and thrive in their relationships throughout life, this is the book for you! Maralee McKee, the Manners Mentor, shares more than 100 skills that will equip your children to be confident, at ease, and thoughtful in any setting.

With Manners That Matter for Moms, you can have children and teens who…

  • bulletreplace eye-rolling and “Whatever!” with meaningful, kind conversations
  • bulletturn off their techno-gadgets and plug in to the people around them
  • bulletreplace awkward moments, nervous introductions, and unpleasant first impressions with gracious, easy interactions
  • bulletare prepared for any dining experience and are gracious hosts and great guests
  • bulletuse the skills you teach them even when you’re not around as their manners become reflections of their hearts

The skills you’ll find here are all up-to-date for our modern sensibilities and perfect for our fast-paced, casual, techno-savvy culture. Written in Maralee’s warm, best friend style, (She shares her story so you get to know her.) and complete with a Bible study for personal or group use, this is the manners book to turn to whether your child is four or fourteen. This is more than an etiquette book. It’s a mom’s go-to manual to raising children who are never door mats and always welcome mats.